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Santolo Designs is a new company invested in bringing dream homes to life. They provide innovative building design solutions and develop plans for individual clients, architects, developers & design/construct building companies.Santolo Designs also have a clear understanding of the processes of project design and the planning involved attaining council approvals.

About Us

Founded in 2014 by Ryan Giorgiutti, a talented building designer who fuses modern technology with traditional techniques, creating a new age approach when achieving his clients design dreams, Santolo Designs will initiate, develop and document project ideas and designs to achieve the design intent.

As a result of working closely with numerous builders, Ryan has a clear understanding of local/national building codes and statutory requirements. He has developed a firm and competent level of construction methodology, a thorough understanding of the design process and is aware of how to meet brief requirements and subsequently produce development approval documentation.

He is an active member of the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) and was selected to take part in their National Focus Group to assist with the further development of BDAA.

Having worked on over 50 projects in his first 3 years, this designer is determined to continue making his mark in the world of building design.


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