I am a strong believer that the spaces, environments and people that surround us have a direct and very important impact on our everyday live, wellbeing and health. I believe that people should live in harmony with nature and each other, embracing each other’s differences and customs.  Whether we live in the inner city, coast, outskirts of towns or out in the bush – we should have an appropriately tailored home to serve our everyday life and needs and also complementing the surrounding neighbourhood.

Buildings in which we live should be designed to serve us in our daily activities and routines, they should be safe, spacious, functional but comfortable, sooth us after long day at work or school, and they should work for us. Those buildings should FEEL like HOMES and reflect on who WE are. Therefore, let’s do not rush with designing and creating our homes, let’s build them with care and  attention to complement our lives and surrounding environments.

I am an advocate of small but spacious homes. Sustainable, natural  and beautiful. We are on this Earth only once (apparently) and we should enjoy it…


Samuela Madej – Murphy