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Got Home Design Plans? Find a Designer Here

So as you suddenly find yourself spending more and more time between the four walls of a home that has suddenly morphed into an office, you may find yourself inspecting those walls with a whole new, highly critical eye. Suddenly you may wish to do some morphing of your own, dusting off those remodeling plans you never had time to enact and using them as the blueprint for a beautiful new home design.

The BDAA Find a Designer website is here to help. The Building Designers Association of Australia maintains a professional database of qualified members that specialise in every variety of building design, up to and including complete home renovations. Find the ideal Building Designer for your project here!

You can discuss your ideas and plans on the web, via Zoom, e-mail and phone. Then, as the world environment balances and regulates and you return to your regular schedule, you also can return to the home of your dreams; finally and fully implementing the perfect home design.

Alterations and Additions

Building Design with style
Your local Building Designer will provide innovative solutions to the challenges of renovating or extending your home.

New Residences

House Plans and creative ideas
Our Professional Building Designers can assist you to create the perfect new home, specifically designed for your needs.

Multi-Residential Projects

Building Design with experience and skill
A Building Designer will utilise cost effective design to maximise the profitability of your project.

Town Houses

Urban Living needs style
A local Building Designer member will provide local solutions, within your budget, for the medium density needs of your area.

Commercial Spaces

Building or Interior Design creativity
Update that Commercial space; a local Professional Building Designer will tailor your requirements to the needs of your customers.

Industrial Projects

Industrial Buildings should look good too!
A Building Designer can provide the right cost effective design to maximise the profitability of your business.

What is a Building Designer?

Of course, the simple answer is that Building Designers design buildings, but in fact there is much more to what has become the profession of building design.

The BDAA estimates that 75-80% of residential work is currently designed by Building Designers. These figures appear to be consistent with the findings of other groups…

Why use a Building Designer?

A Building Designer can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your building site and your existing home, in the case of an addition or renovation. Based on this information, they can then discuss with you how your required outcomes can best be achieved.

Selecting a Building Designer

The design is likely to be the most important part of the building project that you are about to embark on. Selecting the right designer is the key to achieving a successful building project.